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MyMailAgent Features

MyMailAgent has a number of powerful features.

  1. Click the Send Message link.
  2. Enter the Subject of your Message.
  3. Enter the list of email addresses of the people that should receive your message.
  4. Enter the text of your message in the WYSIWYG message editor.

    You can copy and paste images and text from other programs into the message editor.

    Mail Merge fields are surrounded by {{ and }}.

    For Example, to include the recipient's email address in the message, code {{email}} in the body of your message.

  5. Click Send.

    A dialog will pop up asking you to log in.

    MyMailAgent uses your existing email account at Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook or Gmail to send messages on your behalf.

    Log in to using with your existing Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook or Gmail account information.

    Gmail users may have to set up permission for MyMailAgent to log in

  6. View Results
    Click the "View Results" tab to see the statistics about the messages that have been sent.
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